Yogyakarta tours : do it by yourself

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Borobudur. @indaps03
Talk about how to traveling jogja by yourself (without guide)

Let's begin. If we talking about yogyakarta tours maybe first, we must know where is jogja? Yogyakarta is the city in central java, indonesia. Yogyakarta also known as student city, because there are many universities there, there are 107 universitis in special region of yogyakarta province (yogyakarta city, sleman distric, bantul distric, kulon progo distric, gunung kidul distric). Why I say special region? Because in indonesia, there are two special regions, special region of aceh and special region of yogyakarta. Yogyakarta become special region because in jogja there is a palace, Imperial Palace of Ngayogyakarta who led by sultan (king), Sultan Hamengkubuwono x. If in another province in indonesia led by governor, in jogja this province led by sultan that concurrently as governor. Ok, I think quite to talk about history of yogyakarta, let's begin our tours, trust me you can traveling jogja by yourself without guide, I'll be your guide 😁.

To go to yogyakarta, you can use many public transportation as plane, train, and bus.

Going to yogyakarta by plane

In yogyakarta there are two airport, the first one is adisutjipto airport and the second is international airport of yogyakarta, a.k.a kulon progo airport. 

1. Adisutjipto airport

Adisutjipto airport. @adijanuardii
Although i just said adisutjipto airport, in fact this is international airport too. Adisutjipto airport (IATA:JOG, ICAO:WAHH) is located at sleman distric, about 9 km from yogyakarta station. Adisutjipto is the nearest airport from yogyakarta city. If you plan to traveling yogya, I recommend you coming jogja from this airport. Don't forget to see transit time from soekarno hatta international airport (CGK) if you transit, but if you got direct flight, it is better.

After arrived at adisutjipto airport, you can choose some choices, go to hotel, go to travel destination, go to malioboro, it's up to you. You can use taxi, or you waiting for your rental. Yes, you can rent a car of motorcycle before you landing at the airport.

There are many rent services in jogja, you can use application "olx" and type "rental motor" or "rental mobil", don't forget to buy roaming package because you are in different country, make olx account and change the region to "yogyakarta". You can download this application in Apple Store or Play Store. After you meet the suitable one, you can call the rental. Many people in yogyakarta can speak english although just little, you just need to use your english slowly, because if you speak too fast, they will difficult understand what you mean, including me πŸ˜†

There are some requirements if you want to rent a car or motorcycle (I suggest you to rent motorcycle than a car, because cheaper and your mobilization faster than use a car):

1. Have driving license
2. Special for tourist, you must show a round-trip ticket
3. You must guarantee three original identity card (paspor/id card/visa/student card, etcetra)

Rental cost for motorcycle rent in jogja (24 hours) start from Rp 50.000 and for a car start from Rp 150.000,- (don't forget to bargain the cost)

Besides using olx application, you can call some phone number below, I have saved from my twice trip from jogja ago, I have travelled around jogja for three weeks and I still miss jogja and want to go there again.

Motorcycle rent service in jogja

1. Ftshopindo rental (+6281802675362) start from 50k
2. Dedy rental (+6281328831228) start from 45k
3. Alif transport (+6282297591977) start from 40k
4. Ahmad kartadi (+6285228655550) start from 45k
5. Alfayubbi (+6281321144347) start from 45k

Car rent service in jogja

1. Myesha transport (+6282220050058) start from 250k without driver, 550k with driver.
2. BM Transport (+62817164269) start from 250k without driver, 550k with driver
3. Gondomanan rental (+6285729353354) start from 350k
4. Vanrowi rental (+6282134386109) start from 250k
5. Gibran trans holiday (+6282146655921) start from 250k

I recommend you to rent motorcycle than a car, because in jogja often traffic jam, it will be wasting time. Don't forget make appointment with rent service crew, asked them to delivered your car/motorcycle. At that time I asked them to deliver my bike to adisutjipto airport. You will get vehicle certificate (in indonesia we call it "STNK"), two helmets, and rain coat.

2. Yogyakarta international airport

YIA Airport. @wonderfuljogja
Yogyakarta international airport a.k.a. Kulon Progo Airport is  the new airport in special region of yogyakarta province. Inaugurated on April 29th, 2019 by president of Republic Indonesia Joko widodo. This airport able to accomodate until 28 plane. The runway lenght is 3.250 meters, the biggest the heaviest plane able to landing in this airport.

Yogyakarta international airport (IATA:YIA, ICAO:WAHI) is located at temon sub-distric, distric kulon progo, yogyakarta. It's about  43,1 km from yogyakarta city. The distance make you must use more transportation to yogyakarta city.

If you arrive at this airport, you can use public transportation like damri, satelqu, taxi, train.


There are 12 fleets of damri from kulon progo airport/YIA to yogyakarta damri office. It will take 90 minutes. The cost for this route is Rp 50.000,-. If you don't know Damri, Damri is a bus.

YIA - Yogyakarta: 09.50, 12.30, 13.30, 14.10, 18.00, 18.50 WIB (GMT +7)

Yogyakarta - YIA: 06.00, 07.00, 10.00, 11.00, 14.00, 15.00 WIB (GMT +7)

Source: tribun travel


Satelqu is a shuttle bus. There are two types of satelqu, 8 seats and 10 seats. Satelqu will depart from Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) 30 minutes after the plane landed.

You can buy the ticket at satelqu counter or just going to satelqu bus and the driver will help you to buy the ticket. It similar to damri above, enter the damri, and you will pay on the damri. Similar to damri, it will take 90 minutes. The cost of satelqu is Rp 90.000.

Route of satelqu is from Adisutjipto to YIA at 9 and 10 a.m. and from YIA to adi sutjipto at 1 p.m. 

Airport Train

Although I said airport train, actually airport train from YIA is not in the airport. The nearest station from YIA is in Wojo station, it's about 6 km from YIA. You must use shuttle bus (damri) from YIA to wojo station, it will attempt for 15 minutes and paid Rp 10.000,-

Ok, after you know where wojo station, you can use airport train from there. It will take 45 minutes from wojo station to maguwo station in yogyakarta (near adisutjipto airport). You must pay Rp 30.000 to use airport train from wojo in kulon progo to maguwo in jogja.

Wojo station (kulon progo) - Maguwo station (yogyakarta): departure 14.04 WIB (GMT +7) - arrival 14.50 WIB (GMT +7)

Maguwo station (Yogyakarta) - Wojo Station (kulon progo): departure 10.40 WIB (GMT +7) - arrival 11.26 WIB (GMT +7)


I think this is the best solution for you if you are in hurrying. Use taxi from YIA and you will arrive at jogja about 90 minutes although the cost is more expensive than the other. From information that i got, from YIA to malioboro, you will spend about Rp 350.000,-

The conclusion if you want to go to jogja by plane, the best one is you must arrived at adisutjipto airport and then you must rent a motorcycle.😊

Going to Yogyakarta by train

Beside using airplane, you can going to jogja by train too. In this topic I will show you train schedule from jakarta to yogyakarta at all station. There are 51 train trips.  I will show you some trips from the cheap one until the expensive class. The price is depend on the facility of the train.

Before I explain the schedule, you must know that jakarta to jogja is about 8-11 hours by train, if you are in hurrying, let's use plane as accomodation. You can buy the ticket from application like traveloka, tiket.com, pegi-pegi and many others. You can download it at Play Store or Apple Store. You need transfer some money to the bank account and you will get your ticket.

Train schedule from jakarta to yogyakarta

1. Malabar train. From pasar senen station (jakarta) to yogyakarta station. Economy clas. 11 hours 52 minutes (04.10 p.m. - 04.02 a.m. next day). Rp 220.000,-

2. Gayabaru malam selatan train. From pasar senen station (jakarta) to lempuyangan station (yogyakarta). Economy class. 9 hours 28 minutes. (10.15 a.m. - 07.43 p.m. same day). Rp 235.000,-

3. Anjasmoro train. From pasar senen station (jakarta) to yogyakarta station. Economy class. 8 hours 3 minutes (05.25 a.m. - 01.28 p.m. same day). Rp 270.000,-

4. Taksaka train. From gambir station (jakarta) to yogyakarta station. Executive class. 7 hours 32 minutes (09.30 p.m. - 05.02 a.m. next day). Rp 500.000,-

5. Fajar utama solo train. From pasar senen station (jakarta) to yogyakarta station. Executive class. 7 hours 52 minutes (05.50 a.m. - 13.42 a.m. same day). Rp 490.000,-

Actually there are many more train trips, but I recommend trip above for you. If you never use train in indonesia before, the difference between economy and executive class is the chair, the chair in the economy class cannot lay down like executive class. One thing that you must underline, you must know in where station you have to get off, sometimes, train crew forgot to wake you up if you taken night train. 😁

All of train in indonesia is uses Air Conditioner (AC), so you will feel the comfort during the trip.

Going to yogyakarta by bus

After talking about how going to yogyakarta by plane and train, now I will talk about how going to yogyakarta by bus, of course from jakarta too.

There are many bus companies take this route, but in this article I just tell you 5 bus companies, because, just them that sell their ticket in traveloka application. So if you want to order bus from jakarta to yogyakarta, you just download traveloka application at playstore or applestore, search bus & travel ticket, choose jakarta as departure and yogyakarta as arrival. After you choose the bus, you must pay some money to traveloka bank account, and your ticket will be there in your email inbox. Similar like when you order train ticket above.

There are 121 bus trips from jakarta to yogyakarta, I will tell you some of them.

Bus schedule from jakarta to yogyakarta

1. Sinar jaya bus. From lebak bulus bus station (jakarta) to giwangan bus station. Executive class. 12 hours 45 minutes (03.00 p.m. - 03.45 a.m. next day). Rp 124.740,- 

2. Sumber alam bus. From poris plawad bus station (jakarta) to giwangan bus station. Economy AC class. 17 hours 20 minutes (03.30 p.m. - 08.50 a.m. next day). Rp 108.900,- 

3. Damri kemayoran bus. From pool damri kemayoran bus station (jakarta) to giwangan bus station. Business ac class. 14 hours 30 minutes (07.00 p.m. - 09.30 a.m. next day). Rp 143.550,- 

4. Gunung harta bus. From pasar rebo bus station (jakarta) to gunung harta yogyakarta pool bus. VIP class. 14 hours (03.00 p.m. - 05.00 a.m. next day). Rp 178.200,- 

5. Rejeki baru bus. From pool rejeki baru pulomas (jakarta) to rejeki baru pool bus yogyakarta. Super Executive class. 11 hours 40 minutes (04.00 p.m. - 03.40 a.m. next day). Rp 247.500,- 

Actually there is no difference between ecomony, business and executive class on bus, the different is just about time attempt to destination. 

All of bus above have AC and toilet, so you will feel comfort during the trip.

Maybe somebody asked, why start from jakarta? Jakarta is the main gate of international arrival in indonesia. The busiest international airport, the crowded one, it's soekarno hatta international airport (CGK). So, i think everybody that read this article will arrive in indonesia from jakarta or bali, because bali is farther than jakarta, so I use jakarta as benchmark.

If you come to indonesia for travel, I can say indonesia is a beautiful country, locate in equator, so make this country just has two season, dry and rainy season, has many cultures, many religions. But, something that you must underline, not all of city in my country (indonesia) safe for you. So I recommend you to use direct flight from your country to yogyakarta or although you must transit in jakarta or bali, make sure you have airplane ticket to yogyakarta yet. I don't recommend you to use bus or train to go to yogyakarta, because it will be unsafe for you. And make sure you order ticket to adisutjipto airport not yogyakarta international airport, it will make you easy to get in yogyakarta than order ticket for YIA. As my tittle of this article "do it yourself", so I will guide you to the detail and easy one.

Hostel or hotel in yogyakarta

I think after you read my writing above, I hope you have arrived at jogja and rent a motorcycle/car yet.

Now I will guide you to take a hostel or hotel in yogyakarta. Let's begin.
From ticket and hotel online application, I found 2722 hotels in yogyakarta. But I just tell you five hotels.

1. DBC rooms malioboro

Dbc rooms. Traveloka
DBC rooms malioboro is the cheapest hostel in yogyakarta if you searched at traveloka. Rate for one night at this hostel is Rp 47.500,-

DBC rooms is locate at jalan beskalan no. 1 (ayam geprek dbc, samping ramai), malioboro. This is the maps

Check in time start from 02.00 p.m. until 09.00 p.m., after that time you cannot check in anymore. You must check-out before 12.00 p.m. 

The rating of this hostel is 7,5 (comfort) from 894 reviewer. 

DBC room hostel do not provide soap, shampoo, toothpaste, towel, breakfast, drinking water like most hostel, so provide it by yourself.

DBC room hostel was designed for backpacker, so everything in this hostel  was designed minimalist.

This hostel room is nine meters wide, do not have bathroom in the room, so you must sharing bathroom with another visitor. Extra bed will get charge Rp 30.000,-

2. Otu hostel by ostic

Otu hostel. Traveloka
Otu hostel by ostic is the most phenomenal hostel in yogyakarta, they got rating 8,8 (impressive), maybe it's the highest rating for hostel in yogyakarta or maybe in indonesia.😁

Otu hostel is located at jalan prawirotaman, yogyakarta. This is the location on the maps

There are many facilities in otu hostel, they are: swimming pool, smoking area, picnic area, free tea coffee, free wifi, hair dryer, 24-hours receptionist, and many others.

Similar to hostel above, please provide all your personal needs and willing to share all the facilities that hostel provides.

There are some room types here, they are:
1. Dormitory
Dormitory is the cheapest one. There are 4 various of dormitory:
-wide dormitory (start from 97k)
-female dormitory (start from 102k)
-fun dormitory (start from 102k)
-tall dormitory (start from 118k)

All of dorm uses bulk bed, air conditioner (AC), free wifi, shared bathroom and you cannot refund if you cancel your order.

2. Single private room (start from 167k)

3. Twin budget room (start from 238k)

4. Budget double room (start from 238k)

5. Family room (start from 438k). This room reserved for four persons, has two double bed, and only in this room type has private bathroom.

3. Yezyezyez all good hostel

Yezyezyez. Traveloka
Yezyezyez all good hostel is a unique hostel in jogja. Yezyezyez by mr. Anes juggling used item becomes interesting, we can see much graffity in this hostel.

Yezyezyez hostel is located at gang batik gringsing no. 59, brontokusaman, mergangsang, yogyakarta 55153. This is the maps of yezyezyez hostel.

You must check-in after 2 o'clock and check-out before 11 a.m. There are many facilitities in this hostel, swimming pool, shared bathroom, hammock, wifi, smoking area, bar and resto, tatto (by appointment) and many other.

There is no air conditioner (AC) in this hostel, they carry the natural concept.

There are many room types here, they are:
1. Mixed 18 dormitory (start from 52k)
2. Single room tarzan (start from 95k)
3. Single room love each other (start from 95k)
4. Well rom for two persons (start from 142k)
5. Sunset room for two persons (start from 142k)
6. Private room for two persons (start from 161k)
7. Private with pool view (start from 190k)

4. EC Pondokan

Ec pondokan. Traveloka
I can tell you more about EC pondokan, because I have stayed here. EC pondokan got 8,7 (impressive) for the rating.

EC Pondokan is located at Jalan Ketandan wetan no. 547 A, gondomanan, yogyakarta 55122. This is the maps of EC pondokan. You can enter via the road beside ramayana dept. store malioboro, go straight ahead until you find small road on the left. Go ahead, EC pondokan is on your left. I think just 200 meters from malioboro street. You will be welcomed by a friendly receptionist who is ready to serve you.

Ec pondokan is a homestay, different with hostel, homestay provides some personal needs and more like a home, there are kitchen, dining room, and many others.

In buayajalan.com, you can find my review about EC Pondokan.

5. Edu hostel

Edu hostel. Traveloka
Edu hostel is the biggest and the grandest hostel in indonesia, maybe. Edu hostel can accomodate until 300 hundred persons. Rating of Edu hostel is 8,6 (impressive) and got 5.218 reviews from traveloka at this time of writing.

Edu hostel located at jalan letjen suprapto no. 17, ngampilan, yogyakarta 55261. This the maps of Edu hostel.

The facilities of Edu hostel are: children swimming pool, free breakfast, tv, ac, free wifi at lobby, shared bathroom, soap, shampoo, towel, and many others.

Check-in available from 3 o,clock and check-out before 12 o'clock.

Edu hostel is different from hostel in general, they provides towel, soap, shampoo, free breakfast, door card, private bathroom for some room types, and many others. Maybe edu hostel is the most favourite hostel in jogja.

There are some room types here, they are:
1. 6 bed female dormitory (start from 76k)
2. 6 bed male dormitory (start from 76k)
3. Family bunk bed (start from 437k)
4. 4 bed private dormitory (start from 437k)

I suggest you to choose hostel or hotel near malioboro, because malioboro is a tourist center in yogyakarta, and you are so easy to find food in malioboro.

Yogyakarta tours

After you finish all instruction above, i hope you already have motorcycle and hostel, so let's begin travelling jogja 😁 

1. Borobudur temple

I choose borobudur temple as the number one, because I think some of you coming jogja for it 😊 please forgive me if I wrong

Borobudur is the biggest buddhist temple in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for culture.

Borobudur temple or in bahasa indonesia "candi borobudur" is located at jalan badrawati, komplek wisata candi borobudur, kecamatan borobudur, magelang jawa tengah. It just about 40 km from yogyakarta.

This is the map of borobudur temple. If you go to borobudur by motorcycle, it will take more than on 1 hour 30 minutes from yogyakarta. So, if you say borobudur temple is located in jogja, you are wrong.

History of borobudur

Borobudur is estimated to have been built in 800s AD, until now, still unknown who built it. Borobudur temple was built during syailendra dinasty between 760 AD and 830 AD. It is estimated it took 100 years to build borobudur. Borobudur was completed 100% in the samaratungga dinasty (825 AD).

Did you know that borobudur was abandonded and dissapeared into the ground until is was rediscovered in 1814? It is unknown why borobudur was abandonded, it was estimated that between 928 and 1006 AD when Mpu sindok moved the capital of medang kingdom to east java because of volcanic eruption, although it was uncertain, some people believed it was a factor why borobudur was abandonded.

Borobudur was rediscovered in 1814 when indonesia under brithish rule by Stamford raffles. Sir Stamford raffles was heard news, in the forest near bumisegoro village was found large buildings buried in the ground, then he asked HC Cornelius to investigated that discovery. 

It took 25 years for borobodur to open  it again in 1835. 

Traveling borobudur

Borobudur wide is 123x123 meters, now 35 meters high, first 42 meters high. I don't know why the height was decreased.

Borobudur consist of six squares terrace on top of which there are three round court with 2.672 reliefs in the wall and actually has 504 buddha statues. It is the most complete buddha statue.

Opening hours
Borobudur open everyday. Borobudur temple start open from 04.00 a.m. until 05.00 p.m., after 05.00 p.m. there will be security that asked you to go out from borobudur.

Ticket price
The best time to visit borobudur is in sunsire, because of that too, ticket price on sunrise is different with another time. The price below are on 2020 update.

1. Ticket at sunrise
Sunrise at borobudur start from 04.30 a.m., please note it.
-local adult tourist: Rp 370.000,-
-foreign adult tourist: Rp 500.000,-
-local student tourist: Rp 280.000,-
-foreign student tourist: Rp 400.000,-
-local children tourist: Rp 185.000,-
-foreign children tourist: Rp 250.000,-

Beside from borobudur, you can see borobudur sunrise from punthuk setumbu hill. The trip to punthuk setumbu will take maybe one hour, you must arrive before 5 a.m. and you must be lucky, if borobudur covered in clouds, it will be a wasted journeyπŸ˜…

You must pay Rp 15.000,- (local tourist) and Rp 30.000,- (foreign tourist) for parking fees at punthuk setumbu. This is the maps of punthuk setumbu hills.

2. Ticket at regular time
If you cannot enjoying borobudur at sunrise, don't worry, you can visit borobudur at the regular time. Regular time start from 06.00 a.m. until 05.00 p.m., The prices are:
-local adult tourist: Rp 40.000,-
-foreign adult tourist: $ 40
-local student tourist: Rp 20.000,-
-foreign student tourist: $ 8

Borobudur are holy place for buddhism and one of the Seven wonders of the world, so there are many rules there, some of them:
-you must keep your attitude
-do not climb the stupa
-tourist with pants above the knee or using mini skirt must batik sarong.
-do not make vandalism
-do not broke the temple.

2. Prambanan temple

Prambanan temple
After talk about the biggest buddhist temple in the world, we will talk about prambanan or roro jonggrang temple as the biggest hindu temple in indonesia and the most beautiful hindu temple in south east asia.

Prambanan temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, similar to Borobudur temple.

Prambanan is located at prambanan sub-distric, sleman distric, yogyakarta. This is the maps of prambanan temple

Prambanan is not too far from adisutjipto airport. If we want to go yogyakarta from airport, we must turn left, but if we want to go to prambanan temple from airport, we must turn right and then go straight ahead at the road about 10 minutes, and you will see prambanan temple is on your left.

History of prambanan temple

There is fairy tale about prambanan, that is love story, love story roro jonggrang and bandung bondowoso. Bandung bondowoso was falling in loved with roro jonggrang, but roro jonggrang doesn't love him, to refuse subtly, roro jonggrang asked him to make 1.000 temple at one night. Bandung bondowoso agree to the her request, he make temples with demon's help.

Roro jonggrang knows that, so she asked villager to light a fire and mashing paddy with pestle. The demons that help bandung bondowoso though it was morning, so they stopped and dissapeared. He failed to complete the 1.000th temple. Bandung bondowo was very angry  and cursed roro jonggrang to be the 1.000th temple. 

The story above just a fairy tale. The real history is prambanan was built in 850 DA by King Rakai Pikatan. Prambanan built to counter borobudur and also as a tribute to the god shiva.

Traveling prambanan

Traveling prambanan easier than traveling borobodur, because location of prambanan temple is near to jogja. It just about 17 kilometers from malioboro street and 7,8 kilometers from adisutjipto airport. 

Prambanan starts open at 06.00 a.m. until 05.00 p.m., prambanan, borobodur, ratu boko temple is in one management of PT. Wisata candi, so the ticket price is not much different.

Ticket price
there are so many temples in jogja, but I can say, prambanan, borobodur, and ratu boko have the most expensive ticket price 😁 Do you know why? Because all three have good management and well managedπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

The ticket price of prambanan temple:
-local adult tourist: Rp 40.000,-
-foreign adult tourist: $ 18
-local children tourist: Rp 10.000,-
-foreign children tourist: $ 9
The tourist age limit for children is ten years.

3. Ratu boko temple

Ratu boko temple
Ratu boko temple or ratu baka temple is located about 3 kilometers from prambanan temple. Ratu boko was found for the first time by Van Boeckolzt in 1790. He reported that he had found a temple on boko hill.

Ratu boko temple is located at jalan raya piyungan no. KM 2, gatak, bokoharjo, prambanan sub-distric, sleman distric, yogyakarta. This is the maps of ratu boko temple.

History of ratu boko temple

Ratu boko temple was built in the eighth century (792 DA) by Rakai Panangkaran from sailendra dinasty. Ratu boko come from javanese language which means is king of stork that believed to be the father of roro jonggrang. 

If borobudur and prambanan are believed as holy place, Ratu boko temple is believed to be place of rest. 

Traveling ratu boko temple

If the best time to visit borobudur is when the sunrise, the best time to visit ratu boko is when the sunset. If we are lucky, we can see beautiful sunset from ratu boko temple. 

The ticket price are:
-local adult tourist: Rp 40.000
-foreign adult tourist: Rp 350.000

Ratu boko temple starts open at 08.00 a.m. until 05.00 p.m., if you exceed the time limit, the security will asked you to get out from ratu boko.

Beside enjoying sunset at ratu boko, in ratu boko temple there is a restaurant, you can enjoying sunset from this restaurant too. 

4. Merapi volcano

Merapi. @id_pendaki
Merapi is the most active volcano in Indonesia, the peak of merapi mountain is 2.930 meters above sea levels. There are many destinations in merapi, you need one hour to go there from jogja city, it's about 25 kilometers from jogja. This is the maps of merapi.

Some destinations in merapi are:

Bunker kaliadem

Bunker kaliadem
location: bunker of kaliadem is located at kepuharjo village, cangkringan, yogyakarta. Bunker kaliadem
ticket: Rp 10.000/person and parking fee Rp 5.000,- for motorcycle, Rp 10.000,- for a car.
opening hours: 24 hours

Lava tour

Lava tour
lava tour is traveling around merapi by jeep. Lava tour is located near kaliurang park. There are some packet for lava tour, they are:

1. Short trip

Route: Basecamp/hotel - museum sisa hartaku - batu wajah - bunker kaliadem - pasir panas - trek basah kalikuning (2 hours) Rp 350.000

2. Sunrise trip

Route: Basecamp/hotel - bunker kaliadem - pasir panas - batu wajah - 0museum sisa hartaku - trek basah kalikuning (start at 04.30 a.m.) Rp 400.000,-

3. Medium trip

Route: Basecamp/hotel - museum sisa hartaku - batu wajah - bunker kaliadem - pasir panas - petilasan mbah marijan - trek basah kalikuning (2 hours) Rp 450.000

4. Long trip

Route: Basecamp/hotel - museum sisa hartaku - makam mbah marijan - batu wajah - bunker kaliadem - pasir panas - petilasan mbah marijan - trek basah kalikuning (3 hours) Rp 600.000

If you want to try lava tour, I suggest you to touring with a group maybe 3 until 4 persons, it make the cost cheaper than you rent a jeep for one person.

You can contact the number below to reserve lava tour:
+62812 3579 2857 or +62812 2991 5857

Stonehenge merapi

Stonehenge merapi. @jogjajateng
Maybe we know stonehenge from england, pile of stones which until now has been a mystery who made it. But, you must know if jogja has stonehenge too, the different is stonehenge jogja making by jogja tourism goverment
Location: Trutan, kepuharjo, cangkringan, this is the maps of Stonehenge yogyakarta
Ticket: Rp 5.000,-
Opening hours: 07.30 a.m. until 06.00 p.m.

Cheap travel in jogja

I think there are so many travel destinations in jogja, many of them are in cheap cost traveling, commonly the cost for entry is just about Rp 5.000 until Rp 10.000,- 

You can visit malioboro (the market place in yogyakarta, you can buy batik here), king palace (sri sulthan hamengkubuwono X house), jogja monument, beringharjo market (sell much batik and many others), vredeburg castle (holland castle), president palace (president of republic Indonesia palace) , airplane museum in jogja (saving many aeroplane that used at long time ago), golden chariot museum (saving golden chariot of sulthan), tamansari (the place that used for sulthan took rest and for queen took a bath at long time ago) and many others. I've written it all at buayajalan

Yogyakarta food

Yogyakarta is a full option tourism city, beside you can traveling the culture and history, you can do culinary tour in jogja. There are many traditional foods in jogja, they are:

1. Gudeg

Gudeg. @kulineran_yk
gudeg is the most popular food from jogja. Gudeg is made by young jackfruit that cooked with coconut milk. The sweet taste is the hallmark of this cuisine. Gudeg usually served with local chicken, egg, tofu, tempe and krecek chili sauce.

2. Sate klatak

Sate klatak. @jogjaeatguide
Sate klatak is traditional satay from bantul, yogyakarta. Sate or Satay klatak is made by young goat meat. The hallmark of this satay is the skewers is made of iron.

3. Bakpia pathok

Bakpia is a flat round cake with green beans, chocholate or cheese stuffing. Bakpia is made by baking. 

4. Krecek

krecek is cow skin crackers that mixed with tempeh chili sauce as a side dish when eating gudeg. The taste of krecek is savory spicy.

5. Tengkleng

Tengkleng is call for goat bone soup. At long time ago, tengkleng is only for noblemen. 

6. Yangko

Yangko is made by glutinous rice flour. Yangko is square, chewy and has sweet taste. 

Ok, i think that's all my long article about yogyakarta tour, i hope it can be your choice when visiting jogja. 

If you need a help or assistance, you can phone the number below:
1. Red cross indonesia jogja: (+62274) 372176
2. Emergency: 112
3. Ambulance: 118
4. Muhammadiyah hospital: (+62274) 512653
4. Yogyakarta hospital: (+62274) 371195
5. Police of yogyakarta: (+62274) 563494

Thank you

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