Sea turtle conservation in bengkulu

Sea turtle conservation
Release sea turtle

When we talked about sea turtle conservation, maybe some of us will remember bali sea turtle conservation if we talked about sea turtle conservation in indonesia, but do you know that since 2011 in bengkulu, there was sea turtle conservation too.

A man behind sea turtle conservation in bengkulu is Ahmad zulkarnedi (56). At long time ago zulkarnedi usually collected sea turtle eggs to sold it and got money, he known where the sea turtle lay eggs. But now, to fix his wrong  at the past, since 2011 zulkarnedi made sea turtle conservation by himself. He did it by personal and spend cost by himself.
Sea turtle conservation
Alun utara turtle conservation

His neighbor said zulkarnedi was crazy, "what for you make sea turtle incubator!" his neigbor said ago.

Zulkarnedi started with planting spruce for 3 km along bengkulu beach. He thinked with planted spruce, it would invited sea turtle to lay eggs.

Now his effort ago make a successfull. Zulkarnedi get many praise from his neighbor because zulkarnedi make his village in pekik nyaring, north bengkulu become a travel education with sea turtle conservation.
Sea turtle conservation
Baby turtle

In 2016 zulkarnedi made sea turtle savior community, they call "komunitas penyu alun utara". They collect sea turtle eggs that lay eggs along bengkulu beach, and incubate it until sea turtle eggs hatch. They Maintain baby turtle until ready to release into the sea.

Do you know, from 1.000 baby turtle  release into ocean maybe just one turtle that safe become an adult sea turtle. So, let's we preserve sea turtle together, don't let our grandchild later can't see sea turtle in the real life because it had become extinct animal 😭

Komunitas penyu alun utara located at pekik nyaring village, north bengkulu, near "welcome to north bengkulu" gate, it just about one hour from fatmawati airport the airport of bengkulu.
Sea turtle conservation
Release to the sea

There are four type from seven type of sea turtle that we can see here, they are scales turtle (in indonesia we call sea turtle "penyu" or traditional language of bengkulu said "katung"), green turtle, lekang turtle, and star fruit turtle.

1. Penyu sisik (eretmochelys imbricate)

Sea turtle conservation
Hawksbill turtle
Penyu sisik or scales turtle also known as hawksbill turtle because has sharp point beak and  big jaw, has scales like fish and the color yellow black clean brown.

2. Penyu hijau (chelonia mydas)

Penyu hijau or green turtle has blunt beak and small head. Green turtle most often seen in the tropical sea like indonesia. They have gray, black or brownish color, so why they called green turtle? It because they have fat under the scales and the color is green.

3. Lekang turtle (lepidochelys olivacea)

Olive ridley turtle
Olive ridley turtle

Penyu lekang or olive ridley turtle is the most smallest sea turtle in the world, the body similar to green turtle, the difference are olive ridle has bigger head than green turtle and has slim shell.

4. Star fruit turtle (dermochelis coriacea)

Penyu belimbing or maybe in english star fruit turtle😆 has dark color with white spot. It size can reach until 180cm and 500kg.

I think thats all my story about sea turtle conservation in bengkulu, let's we together keep continuity of sea turtle life with do not throw garbage into the sea, reduce plastic waste and reduce the use of straw because yesterday i saw someone revoke straw in the nose turtle, i am so sad to see that.

If you travel to bengkulu maybe you can come to "komunitas penyu alun utara" as the option of your travel beside visit fort marlborough, pantai panjang, raflesia arnoldii and many other travel destination in bengkulu.

Thank you 

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