Ampera bridge palembang

Ampera bridge palembang
Some people take photo with ampera background
Ampera bridge palembang

If we talk about icon of palembang city, i think everyone will say same icon, that is ampera.

Ampera bridge was built on 1962 and finished on 1965, got ceremony by Jendral Ahmad Yani september 30th, 1965. There was sad story here, at night after jendral ahmad yani inaugured ampera bridge, occur G 30S/PKI tragedy and he was killed in this tragedy. Jendral Ahmad Yani become one of seven general that killed, all of they become national heroes of indonesia.

When first time inaugured, the name of this bridge was "Bung karno bridge" before changed to be "Ampera bridge". Ampera stands for Amanat Penderitaan Rakyat to memorize struggle of palembang people when five days five night wars against invaders.

Ampera was built by japan engineer exactly fuji mobil manufacturing co Ltd, lenght of ampera bridge is 1117 meters (3665 ft), widht 22 meters (72 ft), height 63 meters (207 ft) and became the longest bridge ever in south east asian.

Ampera bridge of palembang is connect "seberang ulu" area and "seberang ilir" area. When indonesia got colonialism, idea to made bridge to connect that area had been planned, but this idea just got realization on 1961 when soekarno the first president of indonesia  iniated it.

Before ampera get build, palembang people usually use boat to cross over musi river. Traditional boat in palembang called "getek".

On 1965 until 1970, ampera bridge can lifted up, big ship can pass ampera, once lifted up need 30 minutes. Because it take long time, on 1970 the goverment of palembang instructed to stopped ampera lifted up.

When palembang built ampera, indonesia spent budget about USD 4.500.000,- (exchange rate rupiah to dollar at that time USD 1 = Rp 200,-). At that time, to buid ampera, Indonesia got budget from spoils of waf from japan.

From the first time built until now, ampera has changed some color. The first one, ampera color is gray, on 1992 changed to be yellow, and the last on 2002 changed to be red and red color is until now.

There is uniqe fact about ampera bridge, ampera ever entered game point blank as one of the map. Ampera become the longest map at game point blank.

If you visit palembang, don't forget to take photos with ampera bridge as background. Thank you

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