Visit snake leather fashion home industry

snake, fashion_leather
Phyton snake
Have you tried extreme travel? Maybe visit snake leather fashion home industry can be an option.

As we known, fashion from leather can make prestige for the owner, maybe because the price that expensive or because the extinct of the animal leather. A few days ago, i visited fashion snake leather industry in palembang, indonesia.
Snake, fashion_leather
Phyton sack

This is home industry, they got phyton snake from local people, Rp 300.000,- for one big phyton.

Palembang area dominated by swamp. Swamp area is good habitat for phyton, not difficult to get big phyton. Local people usually ensnare phyton in tha swamp area. They just make trap with chicken or carcass as bait.
Snake, fashion_leather
Killing phyton

If you don't know phyton, phyton in indonesia call "sanca kembang, sanca batik, ular sawah and many other names in many provinces in indonesia" phyton is family of phytonidae and the binominal name is Malayopython reticulatus. 

Phyton is the longest snake in the world, but phyton do not have poison like many snake commonly. They attack with wrap arround its prey until helpless. Once the big phyton ate, they won't eat for one week later.
Snake, fashion_leather
Fill water into death snake

When i visited the home industry, in front of the industry, i found many phyton leather dried in the sun. I met many tied sack. I paid attention for the sack for few second, i saw the sack move motion. I asked to the owner, what is in the sack? And he opened for me, there is big phyton in the sack.  That's make me amused.

Go deeply, i found many hanged phyton with its head stuck by nail. This is so extreme, i think. A man show me how he kill the snake, he hit snake head with a big hammer. It doesn't take long time killing a big phyton.

After phyton dead, he hanged the dead phyton at hanger, he stuck it head by nail.

To separated leather and meat of phyton, he cut tail of phyton, binding it and enter water to the mouth of phyton. If the water has full, he just waiting for few hours and skin with meat of the phyton will separate by itself.
Snake, fashion_leather
Drying phyton leather

He cut off the phyton and separate leather and meat. The leather will nailed to the wood and meat will enter to the catfish fish pond as food for their catfish.

The snake leather will dried in the sun, after drying, they will tanning the leather and the tanned leather ready to make fashion leather.

They use leather as raw material for wallets, bags, belts, and many fashion leather.

The amused snake has become beautiful fashion leather. Maybe we will proud to have fashion leather, but beside that we had disturbed the balance of nature. We have disturb food chain, rat population will increase if we always catch snake to make leather fashion.
Snake, fashion_leather
Snake leather wallet

So, let's we decrease to use leather as our fashion.

Thank you

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