Ec pondokan, the cheapest hotel in malioboro

Ec pondokan
Ec pondokan home stay
Ec pondokan, the cheapest hotel in malioboro. When you visit jogjakarta of course you need hotel or homestay.

Malioboro as the one of tourist place also have many hotel there with expensive price, but don't worry if you need cheap one, you can stay at EC pondokan.

EC pondokan address is at ketandan wetan street no. 547A, ngupasan, gondomanan, yogyakarta or the easy one you just follow the way behind ramayana dept. store malioboro.
Ec pondokan
Ec pondokan

The price for one night at EC Pondokan start from Rp 237k until Rp 400k for quadruple room. 

You can book at hotel and plane ticket application like traveloka, etc. that you can install from playstore/apple store.

EC pondokan look like home stay than we called hotel, this home stay suitable for you that travel as group.
Ec pondokan

There is no breakfast for all room in EC pondokan, but no worry you can buy at malioboro street for breakfast.

Malioboro street with EC Pondokan just about 300 meters. EC pondokan located in small way, so you cannot bring car until in front of EC pondokan.

Let's we talk about the room class.

Standard room

Ec pondokan
Standard room
Facility of standard room: wifi, ac, tv, twin/double bed and this room for two person. Standard room located at third floor, there is no escalator or elevator in this home stay, so you must use stair. At the bath room available hot water, but you won't meet towel, soap and shampoo, this home stay not provide towel, soap, shampoo and mineral water for you, so you have to buy it all at malioboro street, so sad :-( 

Rate for this standard room Rp 237k

Triple room

Ec pondokan
Triple room
Same like standard room facility, but this room for three person. 

Rate for triple room Rp 342k

Quadruple room

Ec pondokan
Quadruple room

The facility like standard room, there is one big magic mirror, so you can say, "magic mirror, who is the most handsome/beatiful in this jogjakarta?" LOL 😂, i'm sorry i just kidding, but in this room actually has one big mirror like in the fitness. 

Quadruple room suitable for four person and the pice start from Rp 446k.

This home stay really secure, there is security concurently receptionist who stay 24 hours in front of this home stay.

Yogyakarta is safe place for tourist, so i guarantee you will be happy in jogja.

If this is your first time in jogja, i will guide you how to get happy holiday but low cost.

1. You need to rent a motorcycle to go around jogjakarta. There is so many rental in jogja. To get cheap one, install "olx" aplication in playstore/applestore, set location "yogyakarta" and type at application "rental motor", will be show many place for rent a motorcycle. The price start from Rp 40k until Rp 100k for one day. To rent a motorcycle you just need to show and entrusted your identity card and of course you must have license card to drive motorcycle.

2. Malioboro is the center of tourist place. There are so many tourist place in malioboro, tugu jogja (free), vredenburg museum (Rp 5k for local tourist), keraton jogjakarta (Rp 5k for local), museum kereta kencana (Rp 3k for local), taman sari (Rp 5k for local), pohon beringin kembar (free) and many others. 

3. There are three temple with expensive price. They are borobudur temple, prambanan temple and ratu boko temple that has manage by wisata candi company. The price for enter its temple start from Rp 40k for local and if i'm not mistake Rp 500k for foreign.

4. There are so many temple in jogja, except temple above the price for enter the temple is about Rp 5k for local tourist. 

5. Food in jogja. There are so many food in jogja, the famous one is gudeg. Gudeg is boiled jackfruit and the taste is sweet. Most of jawa traditional food taste is sweet. Don't forget to asked the seller before you buy it, if you don't do that, sometimes bad seller will markup the price because they look at you foreign people. You can use bahasa indonesia "berapa harganya?" (to asked the price in indonesia) and the seller will answer "lima ribu" (Rp 5k), "sepuluh ribu" (Rp 10k), "dua puluh ribu" (Rp 20k), "lima puluh ribu" (Rp 50k),  "seratus ribu" (Rp 100k), the last one is the largest money in indonesia.

I think that's all my review, this is the first one i write blog in english, i'm sorry if there are so many mistake, and have a nice holiday in jogjakarta.

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